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Fill out the form below to send an email. Fill out the form below to send an email. Fill out the form below to send an email.
Before contacting us, please read the following:

To return a web-app, click Here.
Then select to return the item under the "Returns" column. Note that you must be signed in and purchase must be made within 15 days of return request.
If you need the Blast Off to Reading web-app: click Here.
If you need the I Can Fly Reading Program web-app: click Here.
If you need the Workbook for Dyslexics web-app: click Here.

If you have a question or comment about any of our products, please include the name of the product (the app name, reading program name, book ISBN, etc.)

To Report a Software Bug
If you are having an issue with a web-app not functioning properly, please include: the name of the app, your device type, your operating system, browser name with version, and include a detailed description on what occurred, along with the exact steps that led to the problem.

We would also appreciate your phone number so we could contact you if necessary.

Note that often schools or institutions have blocking software set up to protect their students. If our apps don't open on your devices, please notify your IT department to allow our site URL (https://blastofftolearning.com).
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