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I Can Fly Reading Program
I Can Fly Reading Program

The I Can Fly Reading Orton-Gillingham Reading Program, Ages 5-7

Launch your young readers to reading success!

Comprehensive Reading Curriculum

The I Can Fly Reading Program follows a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for younger students just learning to read. We cover essential reading skills, as specified by the science of reading, such as letter recognition, phonics, sight words, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension. Each lesson is carefully crafted to ensure your child progresses at their own pace while building a strong foundation for lifelong literacy.

Engaging and Interactive App

The I Can Fly Reading program combines the power of engaging content with an interactive app! We believe that every child deserves a strong foundation in reading, and our program is designed to make learning fun, accessible, and effective.

Multisensory Approach

We incorporate a multisensory approach into our program, engaging multiple senses to enhance learning. Through sight, sound, and touch, your child will actively participate in activities that reinforce letter-sound associations, word recognition, and comprehension skills. This approach makes learning enjoyable and helps children retain information more effectively.


Your young student will earn reward coins as they do the activities. Coins can be spent on fun activities and games in the "Fun Zone'. Your child will be motivated to practice what was taught!

Progress Tracking

With the I Can Fly Reading Program, you can stay connected to your student's learning journey. Our app provides detailed progress reports, allowing you to track their achievements and identify areas where they may need additional support for a personal learning experience.

Interactive Learning!

You teach, your student plays the games and earns coins that they can spend in the FUN ZONE!

The books and the web-app are all you need!

I Can Fly Book A, Color

Book A, Color

I Can Fly Book B, Color

Book B, Color

*The black and white books follow the same scope and sequence as the color books, however, the exercises are not identical.

If you have the book(s), you can get the I Can Fly® Reading Program web-app
for 60% off the listed price!

$11.99 $4.80

Get the discounted app!

No book, but want the app?

Get the App!

Get the PREMIUM app which includes the lesson slides!

Get the Premium App!

Already have the basic app? Get the Lesson Slides!

Over 1000 colorful slides to engage your students. Perfect for remote teaching or using a Smart Board in the classroom.

Lesson Slides
Get the Lesson Slides!

Easily View Your Student's Progress

You can view your student's progress on your dashboard, where you can see every word your student read and spelled, as well as every sentence read. You'll easily know what areas your students need help with.

View your student's progress.

The Teaching Tools

I Can Fly Teacher Tools

Includes: flash cards for review, letter tiles for interactive demonstrations with sound charts and audio, and *Over 1000 colorful lesson slides to illustrate the lessons in a structured, explicit manner.
* Lesson slides are only in the premium app.

The Fun Activities

Fun activities to identify sounds and words, to complete sentences, and to spell words. While this is done, children earn coins that can be spent in the "Fun Zone".

I Can Fly Activities
I Can Fly Activities

Fun activites to identify sounds and words, to complete sentences, and to spell words. While this is done, children earn coins that can be spent in the "Fun Zone".

The Fun Zone to Spend Earned Coins

I Can Fly Teacher Tools

Children can spend their earned coins in several stores, such as the train store, the farm store, the feed store, and the arcade.

Attention Teachers!
Teaching a class or teaching remote?

Get the PREMIUM app, which has colorful lesson slides, which can be used on a Smart Board or for remote teaching.

Smart Board or Remote Teaching
Get the Premium App!

15 Day Money Back Guarantee!*

*Minus credit card fees.

This is the most affordable online reading program available!
Improve reading in just a few weeks without the tears and frustration.


"Last year a fellow colleague introduced me to the I Can Fly Reading and Blast off to Reading program. Since then I have recommended it to everyone working with students. I use the app daily to reinforce the lesson plans in the book. My students have their own workbook that they enjoy using. The app gives my students endless practice. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have it."
Deanne Lakatos - OG Practitioner

"I have been using the I Can Fly and Blast Off to Reading workbooks for years with amazing results. This year I finally tried the online resources to use with my online clients during Covid and absolutely love them and so do all my clients!!"
Samantha Tremaine - Master's in Childhood Education, Orton Gillingham Trained

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Dashboards for Different Roles Makes Managing Easy!

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Overview Tour
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Scope & Sequence for the I Can Fly PREMIUM Reading Program


Our web-apps run on any device that supports a browser.

Program Runs On Any Browser

Apps run on Chrome Books, iPads, PCs & Macs, and even smart phones!

Digital Learning
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