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Welcome to the I Can Fly® Reading Program!
A Complete Orton-Gillingham Program for Students, Ages 5-7

Learn About the I Can Fly Web-App!

The lesson-based books can be used independant of the web-app, however it's strongly suggested to use the I Can Fly web-app for the multi-sensory component that young students love. Through sight, sound, and touch, your child will actively participate in activities that reinforce letter-sound associations, word recognition, and comprehension skills. This approach makes learning enjoyable and helps children retain information more effectively.

Get the web-app!
With this app, you get the teaching tools to teach effectively. You get:
1) the flash cards and 2) the letter tiles with audio included for all sounds taught in the program.

Flash Cards Letter Tiles
After the lesson, have your students play the multi-sensory activities. Here they reinforce what was taught as they work at their own pace.

fun activities
As they play, they'll earn coins which can be spent in the "fun zone" stores.

fun zone activities
Conveniently keep track of your student's progress from your dashboard!
See an overall view or see exactly how they answered all questions.

Get the web-app!

Teaching to a class? Get the Lesson Slides!

Over 1000 colorful slides to engage your students. Perfect for remote teaching or using a Smart Board in the classroom.

Lesson Slides
Get the Lesson Slides!

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