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Welcome to the Blast Off to Reading Program!

Get the free online resources for this program!

Are you here for another reading program app?
If you are using the I Can Fly® Reading Program workbooks,
go to www.icanflyreadingprogram.com.
If you are using the Workbook for Dyslexics Reading Program, go to www.yourkidcanread.com.

The free app is great, but the PREMIUM app is better!

With the PREMIUM app...

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Students earn coins as they play.

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You can view student's answers (including dictations) from your dashboard.

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Includes audio sounds for the Letter Tiles tool.

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Includes full version of the Reversal App with more activities & custom letters & numbers.

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Includes the Homophone Hound App.

Get the PREMIUM app!

Activate the Free Blast Off to Reading!® Web-App

Terms for Web-Apps via Book Purchases - Some book purchases allow access, at no charge, to the online resources that are partnered with its respective book. For these books, access is granted by entering a code from the book as proof of purchase. For example, if you purchase two books, you may enter codes in twice to get two licenses.

Using one book to get multiple licenses or sharing book codes with others is strictly prohibited, and if there is a suspicious amount of licenses on your account, you may be contacted to provide proof of purchase.

If we find our terms stated therein have been violated, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

It is our policy to not provide codes for any reason.

We reserve the right to discontinue offering no-charge web-apps at any time with or without notice.

If you purchased multiple books and would like the licenses added to your account without entering the codes, please send us an email with your email username, the quantity of licenses and proof of purchase, such as a screen shot of the receipt or of the books themselves.

The first step to get the app is to find the version of your book. Go to page 2 in your book, to the Copyright Page. On the bottom you wills see "REV" followed by a letter.

Example where to find the revision letter
Example where to find the revision letter

Then select the button below for your revision.

* Watch the video below to learn about Blast Off to Reading! *

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